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Being the Only ________ in the Room


  • Usually means I'm taking a film class or I'm in a meeting at work, and makes me sit up a little straighter and raise my hand more often.


  • Usually means I made what I assumed was a "pop culture" reference and it turned out to be very, very obscure. I'll try with great difficulty to laugh it off and then cry beneath the collar of my "Everything Changed When the Fire Nation Attacked" t-shirt.


  • Usually means I'm in any sort of room, and I'm going to be saying, "No, I haven't seen that documentary," a lot.


  • Usually means I stepped outside of Utah county boundaries, and my job is to make sure my hair is not in a braid and I'm not shoveling down green jello. I'll also make sure you know I've never heard a Donny and Marie song in my life.


  • Usually means I'm at a family dinner on my grandpa's ranch and my sister is in the bathroom, and I'm going to try my hardest to say everything as intelligently and kindly as I can (but I'm also about to explode).


  • Usually means I'm in any class I'm actually interested in, and I dedicate myself to vague statements like, "Well, you could say this is technically my second full semester," before confessing what a baby I am to the very cool juniors in my Astronomy lab.

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