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Buying Me Presents Is Officially Super Easy

Listen up, y'all (requested by @williamharrison)


  • Robes, slippers, schmancy pillowcases, fuzzy blankets, sleeping masks, matching pajama sets, sweatpants

Adorable or ironically adorable or nerdish-ly adorable stuffed animals

  • A la Appa from The Last Airbender, or literally any other fuzzy pop culture reference I can cuddle with

A t-shirt with a really obscure reference you and I both get

Subtle, small, cheap jewlery

  • I'm even open to bracelets--anything but rings

A movie I love or will love on DVD or VHS

  • Yes, I own a VHS player


  • I've lately been pinning buttons to everything I own to make it seem less like I'm a 45 year old bank manager

A poster (or literally just cut-out things you Google searched and printed at home)

  • Photos of things and people I care about and also interact with on a regular, non-fictitious basis are woefully lacking from my walls right now

Tickets to about anything

  • Especially a play or musical, but a ticket is like quality time I can cash in with you and that's adorable

You planning things without me helping you out

  • So this list is a little ironic.

Mr. Goodbar

  • My favorite candy you can never find anywhere

Cheap lipsticks that aren't pink

  • Or expensive ones you do you

A really good calendar

  • Regardless of the time of year I always need more--I have four right now

Something you wrote on that I'm not going to throw away

  • I love it when people inscribe books because I'm extremely sentimental

Literally just informing me that you did something really important or nice for yourself that I've been nagging you about

Anything relating to:

  • Jane Austen, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Joss Whedon, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Tina Fey, Audrey Hepburn, Hollywood in general between 1930 and 1970, Grey Gardens, cool documentaries in general, or cookie dough.

My stats:

  • Buy small t-shirts for every day, medium t-shirts for loungewear, size 8-9 shoes, and do NOT buy me pants


  • I'm a vegetarian obsessed with skincare and I can never have enough cheese.

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