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Hello, Me From a Year Ago.

I'm about to screw with your brain.

You know those two colleges you're trying to decide between?

  • Let's just say you of them. Do with that what you will.

You know that friend you know you're never going to stop talking to?

  • Don't worry, you're right! It's actually them that stops talking to you.

You know that crazy thing you swore you'd never do?

  • You're totally gonna do it.

You know that thing you're having nightmares about?

  • Not as bad as you think. Oh, unless you assumed I meant that other thing. Yeah, that other thing is a literal waking nightmare.

You know that off-Broadway show that you passed up about four opportunities to see when you were in New York this winter?

  • It's the hottest ticket since Wicked now.

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