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How We Made a Long-distance Relationship Work Epically This Year

Disclaimer: @williamharrison and I went from being 5 minutes away to 45 minutes away this year, which barely counts. I know, I know.

Embraced drowsy driving

  • Who says you can't stay out late and still be back in time for class tomorrow? (Many smart people. Statistically one of us should get in an accident very soon. Please don't do this.)

Investigated the halfway point between our two homes

  • Which turned out to be a library in the middle of nowhere with a giant VHS tape collection

Called each other like it was 1995

Both transferred to new schools where we basically had no other friends or connections anyway

Refused to resolve fights without seeing each other in person

Refused to resolve fights in person

Shared an Audible account

  • Read: I mooch off Brett's audible account (he has great taste).

Shared a Hulu account

  • Read: Brett mooches off my Hulu account (I have great taste).

Invented very important holidays as excuses to see each other

  • Blanket Day is fantastic and it deserves its own list

Coordinated our class/work schedules (really poorly [and then regretted it for three months])

Bought matching t-shirts

  • I don't know how this helped it just did.

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