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If I Could Time Travel, These Are the People I Would Give Hugs to and When

I don't want to rip a whole in the space-time continuum or anything, but these people need(ed) hugs.

Heath Ledger in December of 2007

  • I'd really love to tell him thank you for the performances I loved so much while growing up.

@finesse in 2013

  • I was selfish and confused when I watched my sister struggle with anxiety, and I had no idea how to handle it. I would tell her what a cool, tough person those experiences are going to make her. And I'd spoil Sherlock season 3.

My future daughter/son the first time I get into a real fight with them

  • You know, to defy that Freaky Friday cliché where the kid doesn't believe I've ever been a teenager.

My mom while she was pregnant with me

  • Because that was pretty cool of her to do and it would be motivational to know she was about to give birth to the first time traveler.

Angel c. First season of Angel

  • He just an adorable lost puppy and needs a hug 80% of the whole season.

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