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In Defense of Teen Wolf

This show has some gems I hope it doesn't forget what to do with.

It's pretty rare to see a boy or man deal with anxiety in mainstream media.

  • Of course they didn't handle this perfectly. But this show allows Stiles to be sexy and intelligent while also struggling with his own mental health, and I honestly can't think of another good example of this on television.

Watching Lydia grow confident in her own intelligence is 🙌

  • This is such a powerful story arch. When we meet her, she hides her IQ in a search for high school acceptance. When she finally comes into her own and starts sharing her talents with others, it's inspiring, and again, I can't think of another good example of this.

Melissa McCall is a fully realized, lovable, and competent character—despite being a parent on an MTV teen drama.

  • The adults on this show are not ignored or forgotten. Melissa is a fleshed-out, interesting character and I would totally watch a TV show all about her.

The idea of Isaac existed.

  • Tackling abuse and abandonment with Isaac's character was pretty impressive, regardless of execution—he was too wonderful for this show in the end.

Lydia and Jackson's relationship was complicated and IMPORTANT.

  • This show opened with a lot of common TV tropes (the ditzy, popular girl and her jock-jerk of a boyfriend) and then dug deep inside them. There was damage and abuse in this relationship, but also a surprising amount a genuine affection. It was complex, honest, and so much more realistic than MTV had any obligation to be.

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