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Jane Austen Heroines Ranked by How Much I Want Them to Be My Next Roommate

Emma Woodhouse

  • Just as manipulative as me, debatably even worse judgement. She and I would self-destruct while trying to set up our friends.

Marianne Dashwood

  • Too busy pining over the newest neighborhood bad boy to empty the dishwasher. Also, reciting Shakespearian sonnets without notice is sort of already my thing.

Fanny Price

  • If she wasn't down for a harmless play put on by her cousins, there's no way she's going to tolerate the kind of scandalous television I watch. Pam Beesley is so promiscuous.

Anne Elliot

  • Would clean my side of the room and accidentally make me feel guilty about it. Living with Anne would be like living with a human being that treated herself like a puppy in a Sarah McLachlan commercial.

Harriet Smith

  • Would definitely come to yoga class with me--and do just about anything else I asked her to do. I can't have that kind of power in my own home.

Elinor Dashwood

  • The most passive roommate in existence, as long as you're not Marianne.

Elizabeth Bennet

  • She's so into walking everywhere that she'd never ask to borrow my car, and she'd back me up on my feminist rants. That being said, I'd be a little too jealous of Elizabeth. And how long is she going to keep pretending she doesn't notice that hottie Darcy is clearly into her?

Catherine Moorland

  • Would have great book recommendations, and would also read anything I suggested to her within like four hours. I could also be the cool older roommate with experience and advice. (Everyone is cooler and more experienced than Catherine.)

Jane Bennet

  • Literally the perfect roommate. Clean, non-judgmental, and simultaneously the sweetest person alive--but can still take a joke! Bonus points for having wildly different taste in men than me.

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