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Lists Rotting Away in My Drafts

Shakespeare Plays that Pass the Bechdel Test

  • Technically none

What I'm Doing at Work Late

  • Technically nothing

Reboots, Sequels and Prequels I Think Should Exist

  • A Marauders movie. That's it.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Potential Soulmates

  • Bear jokes?

Reasons to Love Tom Holland's Spider-Man

  • This is now a given

Things I Love So Much I Wanna Take Em Out Behind the Middle School and Get Em Pregnant

  • Basically just Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man

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In Defense of Teen Wolf

This show has some gems I hope it doesn't forget what to do with. It's pretty rare to see a boy or man deal with anxiety in mainstream media. Of course they didn't handle this perfectly. But this show


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