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Reasons My Sister is the Best

Inspired by @finesse because nobody talks that way about my sister

1. She's an incredible artist and creator of things

2. When she was five, she climbed into a play place at a McDonalds and 30 minutes later she had three new best friends crying for her not to leave

  • Seriously people just LOVE her because it's so hard not to

3. She's written two novels

  • She's only 16??

4. She has introduced me to almost literally every song I've ever loved

  • My Spotify is essentially just stalking her Spotify

5. She picks up the phone if you call her at 12:35 AM on a Tuesday

6. She forgets to mention the time she hiked a freaking volcano in the wilds of Ecuador

  • If I had hiked a freaking volcano that would be basically all you heard about

7. Sometimes she lets me borrow her clothes

8. She makes great lists (follow her)! @finesse

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