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Shakespeare Characters I've Played, Ranked by How Method I Got

Original title: Shakespeare Characters I've Played, Ranked By How Much I Behaved Like Leo DiCaprio During Rehearsals

6. Viola, Twelfth Night

  • Wrapped myself and bought a men's wallet to play this role.

5. Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Bought black lipstick and a corset to make me look more fairy-y.

4. Helena, A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Happened to be actually fighting with the girl cast as Hermia over boys when we were performing—mostly on accident, but it added to the performance.

3. Miranda, The Tempest

  • Used this as an excuse to chop my hair off, and I tore and re-stitched the outfit Miranda would be wearing on the island, because I figured she'd have made her own clothes.

2. Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar

  • Would shut myself in a dark closet for several minutes prior to going on stage to react to the death of Caesar.

1. Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

  • Successfully pursued a forbidden romance with the male lead to achieve this performance.

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