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Spider-Mans, Ranked

This is a short and biased list but it had to be made

3. Tobey Maguire

  • The Peter Parker of my childhood. Nailed the awkward, but never delivered a sarcastic line in his entire 5 year reign. Also he cursed us with Spider-Man 3. That's an unforgivable offense.

2. Tom Holland

  • Perfect age and energy and sweetness and attitude—I HAVE SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR THIS CHILD. Obviously he hasn't had time to deliver yet (but I promise you're going to love him he will be perfect in every way).

1. Andrew Garfield

  • Despite being aggressively too old and too British for the role, when he was asked to take up the mantle, this little angel nobly blessed us with his Oscar-worthy skills. His jokes always landed, he had the perfect nerdy snark and now he's gone forever YOU GUYS

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