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The Best Compliments I've Ever Received

I think about all of these regularly.

"I always pictured you as more of the Baker's Wife than Cinderella."

— My high school director, unknowingly validating me in my dream musical role (tragically he never trusted high schoolers to perform Sondheim but IF HE HAD)

"You and your mom are both like that! You always say like, just the right thing."

— A friend when I was twelve (I know it isn't true, but I still try to feed off this one often when I need to give advice to someone else)

"There was a time I was driving you home and I caught myself thinking, 'I'm not hitting enough red lights.'"

@williamharrison referencing the time he decided he was in love with his sophomore crush (after I pestered him forever about coming up with a specific moment, but shhh wasn't the end result worth it?)

"One of [scratched out] THE best sestina and one of the best student poems I've ever read."

— My college freshman creative writing teacher on one of my final assignments (her opinion meant so much to me, this note stayed pinned up in my dorm all year)

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