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The History of My Obsession With Felicity Jones

When I was fifteen, I was cast as Miranda in a very unconventional production of The Tempest.

  • Guess who else played Miranda in an unconventional Tempest?

So I cut my hair exactly like Felicity Jones and tried to replicate her dress.

  • You don't get to see pics of that because I failed miserably, but I was very dedicated.

This was also the year I saw her perform in Northanger Abbey opposite JJ Field. I was very jealous.

  • Northanger Abbey is the second most hipster Jane Austen story you can be into. I felt pretty cool.

Also, Like Crazy.

  • Great film that goes forgotten way too easily. Felicity outshines Jennifer Lawrence of all people here.

When I was seventeen, I requested to be cast as Margot Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank.

  • Because guess who else played Margot Frank?

When she was nominated for an Oscar my heart exploded.

  • I love Julianne Moore but how could she have beaten my baby?!

She's also gone through life as the queen of nerd cameos.

  • Doctor Who and Spider-Man. I want to be her so badly.

And now y'all are going to fall in love with her in Star Wars Rogue One. Understand?

  • Good.

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