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What I Remember About my High School TV News Team

This photo somehow made its way back to me today

He lied about the way his last name was pronounced.

  • I learned this recently and was never able to confront him about why.

He did a really good impression of that one guy from Home Alone.

He made a joke about me being on my period once when I was trying to get something finished for a deadline.

  • And I'll probably never forgive him.

He still tries to pick up girls we went to high school with.

He insisted everyone call him "Tay-Tay."

He was my co-anchor, owned a lot of sincere t-shirts I assumed were ironic when I met him.

  • Our title sequence showed me smacking him over the head with a script.

He was the subject of my first real documentary!

  • And I went to his wedding last week!

Once for an abstract film, we duct-taped him to a board, wrote the word "ART" across his chest, and filmed high schooler's reactions as we wheeled him through classrooms.

  • He was also the best man at aforementioned wedding.

He was a rapper that went by the name "White Crow"

I probably thought this was a pretty decent outfit.

  • My dress is covered in Daleks and Tardises.

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