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Women in Film That We Need to Talk About More

Verity Lambert

She was only 28 when she was hired to produce a funny little program for the BBC called Doctor Who. She helped the show become a cultural phenomenon that's still going on today, and went on to found her own production company. The scholarship I'm on right now comes from an essay I wrote about her because I get very worked up about this beauty.

Isabella Rossellini

She was dropped from the Lancôme line after she turned 40. Instead of retiring, she started her own company of make-up products made for women by women, represented by models of all ages. She still acts and directs, and she loves incorporating the ideas behind her modeling--physically diving into a different character--into her work on film.

Mary Pickford

She not only worked as an actress, producer, AND screenwriter during the 1920s and 30s, but was also a great humanitarian. She helped found multiple charitable organizations. There's a story of her putting down a bucket on the middle of a set and demanding that those working on the shoot give what they can to a camera man out of work.

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