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The Washington Post | Draw Your Own Conclusions
Our readers can be trusted with nothing but the facts.
For a single day, the Washington Post will publish versions of the day’s paper without any accompanying visuals. After reading each article, copy will encourage readers to draw in the space provided.
Using the feature in Instagram stories, the Washington Post will ask a question in relation to a current news story. Instead of written responses, there will be a space for people to draw their response. The Washington Post will then share these responses to their story as well.
Outdoor advertising would include signs asking a controversial question. Viewers can draw how they feel about the prompt on this interactive billboard. It will then disappear after a few minutes, giving an opportunity for other viewers to show their opinions.
I ideated and wrote this campaign.
Art | Isabella Boss Wade
Content | David Hulme

These are advertisements for Penguin Books.

These are advertisements for Devacurl.

These are advertisements for RAINN.

These are advertisements for Morningstar Farms.

These are advertisements for The Washington Post.

These are advertisements for Cup Noodles.


These are not advertisements.

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