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How To Go Viral For Having Your Heart Broken
An Expert Guide

Step 2:

Write an Entire Poetry Anthology

Feel free to swipe through.


Step 1:

Get a Birthday Card Delivered To Your Doorstep

I've always been jealous of the concept of the breakup album. Musicians are expected to transform the end of their relationships into cathartic art projects, while the rest of us are expected to cry quietly into our tub of non-dairy Ben and Jerry's.


But in June of 2021, I realized how stupid that was. Anyone can make a breakup album. A breakup novel. A breakup chalk mural. Or a breakup poetry anthology.


What started as a simple passion project snowballed into a collaborative art project with other poets, artists, and musicians from around the world. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 3.00.12 PM.png

Some artists turned their poem directly into song lyrics. Other artists used their favorite phrases and messages from the poem to create something new. 

I produced four spoken word tracks for the album, including collecting voice memo submissions from fans all around the world to create a poem read aloud by all of us at once.

Step 3:

Recruit 15 Music Artists to Adapt Each Poem Into an Original Song

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