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Useless Skills I Have

Finding your obscure celebrity doppelgänger

Making ice water

  • I'm really good at getting the perfect ratio of ice to water (which is more than you'd think) and friends/family members have genuinely taken notice of this. It's always my job at dinner parties.

Imitating other people's handwriting

  • This might not actually be such a useless skill if I didn't lead such a boring, law-abiding life.

Calling which child actors will become great adult actors

  • Called Tom Holland way back in 2014

Finding good excuses not to talk to you over the phone

  • Because speaking to strangers over a speaker is traumatizing.

Quoting from the movies of my childhood at length

  • As in, like, a good 30 minutes of The Incredibles

Throwing cards into a hat

  • As far as I know, I'm pretty above average in this arena, but there isn't much of a basis for comparison.

Pointing out what actors are from other shows/movies

  • @jmic we need to start a support group

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