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What My Dreams Say About Me

Floated to the ceiling of a McDonald's restaurant

  • Interpretation: I secretly miss eating meat just a smidge.

Successfully ran for Vice President as Leslie Knope (against Trump)

  • Interpretation: I think about politics way too much. Like...way too much. @williamharrison

Starred in the movie Passengers opposite Chris Pratt

  • Interpretation: I think about movies way too much. And I'm far more into Chris Pratt than I would admit.

Had multiple opportunities to actually yell at people who were rude in high school, but always decided to hug them instead

  • Interpretation: I'm very into appearances even in my dreams

Moved to LA to go to open casting calls—not hoping to get cast, just liking to troll on other people's scripts

  • Interpretation: I've found my life's calling

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